Fresh Cup Roastery Café Opens Location at Victoria International Airport


VICTORIA — Eurest Dining Services (a member of Compass Group Canada) is set to open a new location of Fresh Cup Roastery Café at the Victoria International Airport.

Scheduled to open in August, the café is part of the $19.4-million expansion currently underway by Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) to double the size of the existing Passenger Departure Lounge.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Fresh Cup to offer high-quality, locally roasted organic beans that coffee lovers will appreciate,” says Easha Rayel, Food Services director for Compass Group Canada. “The Fresh Cup YYJ Café will offer Fresh Cup coffee by the cup, espresso and special coffee drinks, a wide selection of savoury snacks and pastries including gluten-free items and a full line-up of B.C. wine, beer, cider and spirits.”

The award-winning coffee chain, which boasts locations in B.C., utilizes patented Roastaire technology to produce fresh, locally roasted coffee made from sustainably roasted organic beans — paired with a variety of locally sourced food choices.

“Fresh Cup prides itself on delivering the freshest, most consistently delicious coffee, from bean to cup,” says Jim Townley, president and CEO of Fresh Cup. “We’ve poured over two decades of passion and hard work into perfecting a way to deliver the freshest beans and most flavourful cupped coffee possible…Our technology and process guarantees coffee that is so fresh that the elevated flavour often takes new customers by surprise.”

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