Gibson’s New Groove


TORONTO — A select group of Toronto’s food and drink media were on hand recently, for an event celebrating something of a rebirth of Canadian whisky.

Gibson’s Finest, a venerable Canadian brand, has been managing a product shortage, of their 12-year-old liquid, over the past three years due in large part to a marked up-tick in consumer demand for Canadian whisky. But, as of today, the company, which is owned by Scotland’s William Grant and Sons, says the days of lean supply are over.

“You can’t rush a good thing, especially when it comes to making the number 1 stated age whisky in Canada,” says Nicolas Guillant, country manager, William Grant and Sons, “Unlike other distillers who may rush the process to keep up with demand — we won’t compromise the unique taste Canadian whisky drinkers know and love.”
At the event, hosted by Toronto’s Martini Club in their Distillery District haunt, attendees reaped the reward of Gibson’s bolstered supply, sampling the brands three offerings — Sterling, 12-year-old and Gibson’s Finest Rare — with a tutored tasting from brand ambassador, Steve Wright.

True to form, the Martini Club’s talented barkeeps also went to work, incorporating the clove, apricot and vanilla notes of Gibson’s Finest into a number of cocktails, from a classically inspired Manhattan to a warm whisky and orange punch.

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