Atlantic Canada Supplier Recalls Sandwiches


OTTAWA — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Atlantic Prepared Food Limited (APFL) recently warned consumers to avoid APFL’s ham and cheese sandwiches, which may be contaminated with listeria.

The affected APFL products were distributed in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, and possibly other Atlantic provinces. Though the sandwiches have been voluntarily recalled by APFL, shoppers are still advised to avoid products with the UPC code 0 55742 98002 8 and an expiry date of Dec. 6.

Despite warnings, APFL appears confident affected products have been removed from shelves. “There were 144 sandwiches shipped from our building. We caught all but 48 in the warehouses,” Robert Moore, APFL general manger, told the CBC News. “The stores that received the 48 sandwiches have been called and [the sandwiches have been] removed.”

CBC also reported that CFIA officials are still investigating the origin of the bacteria. And, so far, no reported illnesses have been linked to the recall.

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