Gin’s In


TORONTO — A committed group of devotees to herbaceous liquor recently gathered at Toronto’s Martini Club to sample the wares of Hendrick’s gin global brand ambassador, Xavier Padovani, and the mixology mavens at the distillery district event space.

On a blustery night, the hot gin punch, adapted from a generations-old Charles Dickens’ favourite, was a warm welcome as were the four other more traditional cocktails on offer. The unique rose petal and cucumber-infused Hendrick’s was certainly the focal point of the evening, as was the status of the sometimes overlooked spirit.

While cocktail and booze trends may have bartenders reaching for the bourbon or rye these days, those in gin’s corner say that it’s poised for a sazerac-style comeback.  

Gin’s popularity is most definitely on the rise again,” says Hendrick brand manager, Iain Moody. “The resurgence of interest in the gin category has been driven by two prevailing factors. Firstly, consumers across the globe continue to become more adventurous with the sprits they consume and secondly, bartenders and mixologists are seeking new and exciting flavours for the cocktails they create. Together they are rediscovering the world of gin.”

With the warm summer months just around the corner, and bar patrons looking to shed the weight of their winter tipples of choice, top mixologists say that gin can replace vodka in a lot of cocktail recipes as it brings a unique and interesting flavour to the party.

With the recent boom in Canadian Cocktail culture now entirely underway, it could very well be time to shake up some summer gin-based drinks of your own.


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