Government of Canada Invests in Canada’s Wine Sector


NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ont. — The federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lawrence MacAulay, has announced an investment of up to $8.4 million to the Canadian Grapevine Certification Network (CGCN).

The CGCN represents the first time grape and wine producing organizations from across Canada have come together to develop a national research cluster.

“This is the first time the four grape growing provinces have joined forces to form the Canadian Grape and Wine Science Cluster,” said Hans Buchler, chair, CGCN. “Research plays an important role in the continuous enhancement of the quality of grapes and wine and the reduction of the environmental footprint of the entire production cycle.”

The research investment, which includes an additional $3.7 million from industry contributions, is intended to help growers better protect their crops, test new wine varieties and study environmentally friendly growing practices in Canadian vineyards.

Minister MacAulay also announced an additional investment of $1.5 million over three years to the Canadian Vintner’s Association. The funding will assist in industry activities, such as participation in trade shows, missions and promotions in traditional markets, including the U.S. and China.

The announcement is part of the Minister’s cross-country Growing Canadian Agriculture tour, which started in Quebec last week and will end in British Columbia on July 17.

“I’m thrilled to be launching Canada’s first-ever grape-and-wine cluster. Our domestic grape-and-wine sector has had a positive impact on Canada’s economy and it continues to grow,” says Minister MacAulay. “Today’s announcement will help increase the market share of Canadian wines by supporting research that improves wine quality and vineyard-management practices, addresses challenges faced by the sector and build upon Canada’s international reputation as a top cool-climate wine producer.”

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