Mill Street Brewery Core Lineup to be Certified Organic


TORONTO — Mill Street Brewery announced today that its core lineup of beers will soon be fully certified organic.

A recent survey conducted by Mill Street showed that there is high demand for organic beer, with 74 per cent of Canadians who want cleaner beer options expecting to be offered as much variety in organic beer as they are in organic-food products. According to the Canada Organic Trade Association, millennials are the key drivers of organic products, with 83-per-cent purchasing organic food and beverages — the highest of any generation.

The brand’s Cobblestone Stout and the Tankhouse Ale will join its 100th Meridian and Original Organic Lager as certified organic products. Organic certification recognizes the highest and most rigorous standard in organic production, with the entire process protecting and maintaining the organic integrity from field to glass.

“We first brewed our organic beer in 2002 and being organic certified is no easy feat, so I am proud to share our new organic core lineup with beer lovers across Canada,” says Joel Manning, head brewmaster, Mill Street Brewery.

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