Gusto TV Produces World’s First Food Show Featuring AI Characters

Gusto TV

OTTAWA — Gusto TV is in production on the world’s first food show featuring on-screen characters generated through artificial intelligence (AI) software and rendered in post-production. The show will air exclusively on Gusto TV later this year.

THE WIZARD OF SAUCE stars super-foodie Kyle Crawford who shares the tips, techniques and secrets of sauce while holding forth on all manner of pop culture, fashion and lifestyle hot buttons. Shot on a high-concept, non-kitchen set at Gusto TV Studios, the show features three secondary characters: Professor Saussenheimer, Dr. Sauss and Sgt. Sauce-alot. Each character appears in a 30-second interstitial over the course of an episode. All three characters were performed by Crawford in costume to script. Crawford’s characters were then digitized in post-production and rendered as new AI characters. Crawford appears as himself in the balance of the show.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to make emotional connections and entertain our viewers. First, there was streaming technology that allowed us to bring the channel to 160-plus countries. Now we have a variety of AIs that open up new narratives and storylines for us to experiment with. Kyle is a great talent who infused soul and camp into his characters,” says CEO Chris Knight. “AI allows us to amp that up. We’re excited about where this is taking us.”

Gusto TV is now working on its next AI project called SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. The series will feature a host/chef (casting underway) who speaks with “Mother Nature,” an AI creation that appears on set via a giant plasma screen. By employing AI software, the entire script is non-linear and unrehearsed.

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