Halifax Operator Faces Eviction


HALIFAX — Running a restaurant is hard enough, never mind the kind of bureaucratic red tape Lyndon Hibbert of the Halifax restaurant Caribbean Twist is facing, with news that his building is not zoned for foodservice — a revelation that could lead to the shutdown of his business.

According to a CBC report, since the restaurant had previously been a lunch spot, the co-owner never thought to check the zoning details when he opened just over a year ago.

Hibbert has a month to convince the municipality that he should stay in business, and he’s not giving up. “I’sve worked too hard,” he told the CBC. “I have loans from BBI. I’sve got loans from CEED. I’sve got loans from the bank. I’sm not going to cut off my income then have to pay these loans back.”

Customers are currently signing a petition to offer their support.

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