New Nespresso Boutique Opens in Halifax

Nespresso Boutique Coffeeshop opening at Halifax Shopping Centre

HALIFAX — Nespresso Canada has opened the doors of its very first boutique located in Halifax, and more broadly in Nova Scotia, following the notable success of its local pop-up boutique. Coffee lovers in the Maritimes can now experience high-quality customer service in the heart of the Halifax Shopping Centre, where the Nespresso pop-up boutique was previously located.

In addition to offering a wide selection of coffee machines, coffee capsules, and accessories, the new Nespresso boutique will offer coffee workshops as well as coffee and caffeinated recipe tastings. Customers will also have the option to pick up their online orders on-site by heading to the “order pickup” counter.

Nespresso’s ongoing commitment to sustainable development will be reflected in this new boutique, which will include a recycling corner where Nespresso Club members will be invited to drop their used coffee capsules to give them a second life. Members simply need to come in-store with the capsules in a black Nespresso recycling bag or their own bag and head to the collection section for used Nespresso capsules. It should be noted that all Nespresso capsules are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum. Through a mechanical process carried out by a local recycling partner to separate the coffee grounds from the aluminum, the aluminum is recycled, and the coffee grounds are used as high-quality compost on local farms.

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