Harvey’s and Tree Canada Launch New Sustainability Initiative

Man planting a tree sapling in a garden

VAUGHAN, Ont. — Harvey’s recently partnered with Tree Canada to initiate a new program celebrating National Forest Week. From Sept. 19 to 24, Harvey’s Tree Size Your Sides promotion donated a portion of proceeds from any large side or drink purchase towards planting 50,000 trees in Canada, doubling its last year’s goal of 25,000. Guests could also make a $1 or $2 donation at all Harvey’s restaurants.

Harvey’s objective is to offset 10,000 tonnes of CO2 to compensate for all paper usage and carbon emissions from Harvey’s drive-thrus across Canada for 2022. This initiative has already offset more than 7,800 tonnes of carbon emissions. In total, Harvey plans to plant more than 250,000 trees by 2026 to compensate for an estimated 50,000 tonnes of CO2.

Since 2020, Harvey’s has committed to reducing environmental impact by eliminating single-use plastics and plastic toys in kids’ meals, opting for recyclable packaging wherever possible.

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