Interac Launches Campaign to Encourage Debit Use


TORONTO — Interac has launched a 12-day national campaign to encourage debit card use at restaurants.

This comes as restaurant owners are being faced with rising credit-card fees, which cost as much as three per cent of each transaction; a debit card transaction charge is a flat fee per transaction that ranges from six to eight cents.

The aim of the campaign is to boost debit card use, making payment more economical and affordable for restaurant owners. “It’s a growth area for us,” Interac spokesperson Caroline Hubberstey told, adding that, for restaurants, “It’s an economical payment option.”

Customers can submit their debit receipts to win one of 180 cash prizes, while merchants can download promotional materials and be eligible to win one of five $2,500 cash prizes.

For more details on the Interac campaign, which ends Oct. 30, visit    

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