Labour Crunch Still Looming


CALGARY — Three years ago — before the bottom fell out of the global economy — Canadian business owners were fretting over a serious labour shortage. This was especially true in Western Canada, where many hotels and quick-service restaurants were shortening operating hours to keep their doors open. The labour pool was shallow to say the least.

Then the recession hit, and the shortage got pushed to the backburner, but with Canada clearly in recovery mode, the focus will once again start shifting from issues surrounding the economy to those concerning labour. Make no mistake; a massive demographic-driven shortage still lingers ominously on the horizon.

In a story in yesterday’s Calgary Herald, the question of just how well prepared Canada’s hospitality industry is for the coming crunch is addressed.

“The reality is there are more people trying to retire and utilize the services offered by hospitality, but there are fewer people to provide that service,” Corey Harlock, head of the recruitment division of Questus Hospitality, was quoted as saying in the story.

The good news is that hospitality schools in Canada are turning out better graduates than ever and the industry is also becoming an increasingly popular career choice for today’s youth.

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