McCormick Canada Releases Flavour Forecast 22nd Edition


LONDON, Ont. — McCormick Canada has released its Flavour Forecast, an annual trend report highlighting what’s next in food, drink and flavour. This year, the report explores three trends: time as a luxury ingredient, plus sweet and food stories celebrating women.

First, the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed people around the world to slow down. As a result, more people are spending more time cooking in the kitchen. “Whether [time] is invested or saved, it’s being savoured through the discovery of shortcuts, preservation methods and playing around with how to slow time down even further,” reads the report.

Second, “sweetness is being balanced with other favourite flavours – savoury, smoky and heat for an unexpected complexity that’s satiating and often unexpected.” Chefs are moving away from overly sweet foods to sweet experiments.

Lastly, food stories celebrate the exploration of new flavours that “transport us to shared experiences.” The report shares the stories of two accomplished women in food: Monica Saxena, owner and operator of aRoqa, a NYC restaurant re-shaping the boundaries of Indian cuisine, and Iman Moussa, owner and operator of Koshary Corner, a vegan fast-casual concept with a focus on Egypt’s national dish — the Koshary bowl.

Click here to read this year’s Flavour Forecast.

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