McDonald’s Canada Announces New Breakfast Sandwich

Photo Courtesy: McDonald’s Canada

TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada has added chicken to its breakfast menu with the introduction of the Chicken McMuffin and the Chicken McGriddle. 

Chicken McGriddles will be served plain between two maple-flavoured griddle cakes, while the Chicken McMuffin will be served with a mayonnaise-style sauce and a slice of processed cheddar cheese on a toasted English muffin. 

“Chicken is becoming an increasingly popular choice at breakfast time. While novel for some, it’s long been a popular choice for many,” says Nicola Pitman, director, Menu Innovation and Management, McDonald’s Canada. “Both the Chicken McGriddles and Chicken McMuffin at breakfast give Canadians the opportunity to expand their breakfast taste buds, with a new protein choice meal on the go.”

The two new sandwiches will be available across Canada for a limited time at participating restaurants starting March 9. 

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