McDonald’s Creates More Than 2,835 Jobs in Quebec


DORVAL, Que. — McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada recently announced the creation of more than 2,835 jobs in 189 converted restaurants across Quebec as a result of its goal to modernize the guest experience across the entire country.

As part of the initiative, each converted McDonald’s restaurant receives an investment between $200,000 and $250,000 in order to transform the space to better suit consumers’ modern needs.

“With the introduction of our Create Your Taste burger concept and the launch of our Restaurant Experience of the Future, we are transforming the guest experience and creating additional jobs in our restaurants, such as new customer experience specialists and waiter positions,” says Natalie Saulnier, VP of Eastern Canada for McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited.

More than 189 restaurants across the province now feature the new McDonald’s Canada experience, which includes the following five features:

• McCafe bakery — a selection of baked goods, such as pastries, croissants and danishes, which are baked in-house with real butter on a daily basis.

• Enhanced guest experience — guest experience leaders are in charge of engaging with guests to enhance the dining experience at every location.

• Customized menu options — the Create Your Taste menu lets customers customize their orders with a choice of 30 premium ingredients, in five steps.

• Table service: after placing a Create Your Taste order, guests can expect to receive their orders delivered to their table.

• Investing in people — new processes taking place at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide means each location receives 10 to 15 new positions.

“This new offering is one component of a bold plan that aims to transform the way our customers experience McDonald’s across the country,” adds Saulnier. “We are evolving without fundamentally changing who we are. Customers will be able to have more interaction with our employees, while having access to more service opportunities with the new technology available to them in restaurants and the new customizable burger options.”

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