Meiko Debuts KA Series Rack Conveyor Dishwashers


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Meiko has launched its latest innovation for North America: the KA Series. The rack-conveyor system’s intuitive features and smart design make it easy to use, while the efficient operation helps users save water, energy and chemicals with each use.

“Meiko products are popular across the world for their renowned advanced technology, reliability and high customer satisfaction and the KA Series is helping continue this model,” says Markus Braun, president of Meiko North America. “We’re excited to present this system to the foodservice industry and remain committed to continued growth through innovative cleaning solutions for the North-American market.”

The system’s high-contrast, glass touch-screen display is designed to keep operators fully informed at every stage of the washing process. All key information is clearly available at a glance — including simplified service diagnostics, error logging, troubleshooting and real-time performance updates — with straightforward, one-touch operation.

In line with Meiko’s focus on economical, eco-friendly products, the KA Series’ low energy consumption and low water usage lead to lower daily operating costs. With its double-wall insulation, the KA Series also minimizes noise and heat loss, while keeping the exterior of the equipment cool to the touch. 

The KA Series also offers two optional features that benefit operations — the high-performance blower-dryer unit and Waste Air Heat-Recovery System (WAHRS). Using just 3.6 to 4.5 kW of heating energy ― depending on the operating voltage ― Meiko’s innovative blower-dryer unit incorporates a single blower with electric heaters to improve drying time and avoid unsightly spotting on ware. WAHRS reclaims and reuses heat generated by the machine — reducing energy consumption, while allowing hot-water sanitization from a cold-water supply.

With its ability to fit in any standard-sized space, the KA Series’ rack-type design allows the machine to be easily incorporated into an existing kitchen layout. Its sealed, reversible hinged doors further expand its ease of use in various spaces.

The KA Series offers three conveyor speeds to handle varying levels of soiling and its unique wash-arm spray-pattern ensures effective coverage with varying angles and offset spray jets. The system also has slotted, concave wash nozzles and tethered end caps to promote easier cleaning, as well as a built-in ‘smart’ booster heater.

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