Mississauga Considers Shark Fin Ban


MISSISSAUGA, ONT. — Mississauga, Ont., is the fourth city to consider a shark fin ban, a move some say is unfair, the Toronto Star reports.

The traditional Chinese delicacy, often used to make shark fin soup, has already been banned in Brantford, Ont., as many protest the practice of finning sharks and throwing them back in the ocean alive.

While the Mississauga council decision to consider banning the sale of shark-fin products was unanimous, some members of the Chinese-Canadian business associations fear such a bylaw would punish operators instead of rogue fisherman. “People would just drive 10 minutes north (to Brampton) to get it. That’s not fair to our businessmen,” Stephen Chu, president of the Mississauga Chinese Business Association, told the Star. “Cities should not be regulating this, the federal government should. And, it should not be done at the back-end, at the restaurant level, it should be the fishermen that are regulated.”

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