Montreal Café is Serving Up Korean Street Food

Allo Daisyserving a new South Korean street-food croffle

MONTREAL — Allo Daisy, a new Montreal café located on de Maisonneuve Blvd E., is serving a new South Korean street-food trend known as the croffle — a combination of a croissant and waffle.

The base of a croffle is made using croissant dough to which butter and sugar are added. It’s then baked in a waffle oven. The standard option comes with powdered sugar, but to be a little more creative, the croffle can be enjoyed in six different flavours: regular, Oreo, Nutella and banana, Lotus cookies, strawberry, and injeolmi, made from Korean rice cakes.

Allo Daisy also serves Korean bingsu, a Korean shaved-iced dessert with various toppings such as fresh fruits, condensed milk and red bean.

The lunch and dinner menu items include gimbap, made from cooked rice, and ramyeon noodles.

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