Montreal Lifts Boil-Water Advisory


MONTREAL — Montreal mayor, Michael Applebaum, has announced that the City has lifted a preventative boil-water advisory, and the water is safe to drink.

“The tests were done. They have come back clean,” said Applebaum in a news conference on Thursday. “I realize the situation caused many inconveniences for many Montrealers, in addition to businesses, institutions and community groups.”

Although, the water is safe to drink, the mayor advised residents to run their taps for a few minutes first. If the water is still discoloured, he advised them to turn the taps back off and on again before drinking it once it runs clear.

The mayor assured the media and the public that a rigorous analysis will be carried out to determine whether there was any technical breakdowns or negligence involved with the contamination.

The city issued its largest boil-water advisory following an upgrade at the Atwater plant. The advisory lasted 36 hours.


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