Muskoka Brewery Experimenting with Craft Spirits


BRACEBRIDGE, Ont. — According to Ontario beer news blog, What’s Brewin’, Muskoka Brewery is preparing to establish a small-scale distillery to create craft spirits.

“This has been three years in the making,” says Gary McMullen, president and founder of Muskoka Brewery. “It’s really a passion project first. The Muskoka team is thirsty for knowledge and this is an opportunity for our team to learn, collaborate and develop new skills and talents. Like our Moonlight Kettle Series, we’ll be exploring and creating new and unique products as we have done with beer for so many years.”

Muskoka Brewery opted to explore spirit-making due to its recognition of growth in demand for unique local products. The brewing company sees craft spirits as a growing segment in the industry. Despite its strong interests in the area, McMullen reports that Muskoka Brewery is unlikely to have its craft spirits available for public consumption until 2017.

“Right now, this is a fun journey for us. It’s a chance for us to venture off the beaten path, have fun and try something new. We don’t have any plans for what we will distill. We’ll just see what we like and go from there,” says McMullen.

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