NAAN KABOB Partners with Toronto Warming Centres

Adult and child hands holding blue paper house for family home
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TORONTO — The City of Toronto has activated 170 spaces across four warming centres to provide refuge when temperatures drop to -5 degrees to combat homelessness. These facilities play a crucial role in protecting individuals from cold-related injuries and, in extreme cases, even death due to severe weather conditions.

In a collaborative initiative to support these warming centres, NAAN KABOB will provide Afghan cuisine during the extended operating hours of these facilities, including a variety of salad, basmati rice, kabobs and naan.

“In every corner of our community, a heightened urgency to address homelessness persists,” says Fahim Ahmadi, VP of Marketing and Development at NAAN KABOB. “Our initiative goes beyond the act of providing meals – it encompasses building a lasting and positive relationship with the community during these challenging times.”

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