Next Generation Food App Clickdishes Receives $1.6M in Funding


CALGARY & VANCOUVER — The team behind online-food service Nomme has launched ClickDishes Inc. after closing $1.6-million in early-stage funding from angel investors in Canada and Asia.

ClickDishes is a mobile app and platform that partners with local restaurants to enable customers to order in-app, streamlining to-go ordering, dine-in eating and payment services. The app is initially launching in Calgary and Vancouver but has aggressive North American-expansion plans. Restaurants already signed-up include Carls Jr. in Calgary and select Opa! of Greece and Koryo locations.

“After working with our other food app, Nomme, we realized there was a gap in the market,” says Alec Wang, CEO of ClickDishes.

ClickDishes’ features include:

  • Grab & Go: Order from your phone, skip the line and pick up your food when it is ready
  • Dine In: Order food and pay when and how you want to — including splitting the check between patrons
  • Customizable profiles: Users have a record of their orders as well as a list of favourites

Users download the app free of charge and create an account to place a take-out or dine-in order with any of ClickDishes’ local restaurant partners.

There are no fees for restaurant partners to join the platform. Instead, ClickDishes takes a small percentage of the order total on their pay-as-you-go model. There is also a subscription plan for large volume locations. All partner restaurants get access to the ClickDishes dashboard, which comes with a free tablet, stand and receipt printer. As well, the service includes fast deposits, training for staff, access to an assigned ClickDishes rep, along with straightforward back-end analytics and reporting — so partners can easily see what’s selling and popular — in real time.

“By using ClickDishes to augment the ordering process, restaurants and their staff can focus on delivering quality meals and experiences to their patrons,” says Vicki Zhou, VP of ClickDishes. “In addition, through the app, patrons will complete their dining experience faster, ensuring more table turnover for restaurants.”

ClickDishes is currently available for iOS and Android users on an exclusive invite-only basis.

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