Pascual Toso Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Toronto Wine-tasting Event

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TORONTO — To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Argentine winery Pascual Toso introduced a new Cabernet Malbec blend called Barrancas Toso at an exclusive Toronto wine-tasting event earlier this week.

The celebratory event offered guests a tasting of 10 varietals, including Malbecs, Vabernet Sauvignons, red blends and newly released Barrancas.

Pascual Toso winemaker Felipe Stahlschmidt and export director Julian Orti were present to share insight about the vineyard’s history, current innovations and plans for the future. “Pascual Toso has become one of the most exciting and promising Argentine wineries and we’re looking forward to a period of significant growth in the coming years,” says Stahlschmidt. “While Argentina produces some of the best Malbecs in the world, we have an array of grape varieties which are equally exquisite. The high altitudes, warm temperatures and soils produce fruity, fresh and smooth wines.”

Over the past 10 years, Argentina’s bottled-wine export to Canada has grown from 950,000 9-litre cases to two million, and from $24 million to nearly $100 million — making Canada the second-most important market for Argentine wine.

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