Pizza Pizza Launches New Raptors-Based Promotion

Photo Courtesy: Pizza Pizza

TORONTO — Pizza Pizza has announced its Toronto Raptors themed, “gamebox,” which transforms Pizza Pizza’s traditional packaging into a miniature table-top game of basketball. 

“Nothing brings people together more than pizza and cheering on the Raptors — and now there’s a new activity to go along with it,” says Paul Goddard, CEO at Pizza Pizza. “It’s a simple, entertaining way for family and friends to play together as a group, combining a skill challenge with a bit of competitive spirit and a whole lot of fun.”

Pizza Pizza has been a long time partner of the Raptors, teaming up with the reigning NBA champs in 1999, and have done cross promotions before, such as the ever-popular ‘Score a Slice’ promotion which gave ticketholders a free slice of pizza with every Raptors win, when the team had scored more than 100 points. 

The most recent promotion was spearheaded by Raymond Luk, creative director of Pizza Pizza in an effort to drive engagement between Pizza Pizza customers and the Raptors fan base.

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