Sara Lee Takes Gold at American Masters


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — Sara Lee Foodservice finished on top at the 2010 American Masters of Taste National Taste Test, earning the gold medal for superior taste in the Liquid Coffee and Tea categories.  

“The Douwe Egberts liquid coffee and Paradise Teas tasted exceptional and were certainly well-deserving of the award in each respective category,” said Master of Taste founder and judge, Jesse Sartain. “We commend the commitment of Sara Lee for its quality, excellence in taste and innovation. The high quality and consistency of the Douwe Egberts and Paradise brands is truly worthy of recognition in the industry.”

The Douwe Egberts European Dark Roast and Douwe Egberts 100 per cent Colombian blends won the gold medal in the Liquid Coffee category. In the tea category, Paradise Original Tropical, China Black, Black Currant and Cranberry Hibiscus iced teas were recognized, receiving the American Masters of Taste gold medal.

“The consistent quality of our Douwe Egberts and Paradise brands continues to demonstrate our leadership in each respective category,” said Jan Pieter Schretlen, vice-president and general manager of beverage, Sara Lee Foodservice. “We’re thrilled with the recognition each received from the American Masters of Taste and know it speaks to the quality products we provide our operators.”


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