Scarborough Town Centre to Undergo $35M Renovation


SCARBOROUGH, Ont. — A $35 million food-and-beverage transformation is slated for the Scarborough Town Centre mall in Ontario, following a grand renovation of its retail space in 2010.

The two-phase, two-level initiative will add a variety of quick-service concepts, fast-casual restaurants, retail stores and upgraded restrooms and parenting facilities to the food court. The lower level will feature 22 new quick-service vendors, a glass-bridge walkway, increased seating capacity and dish, cutlery and scullery service for a more upscale dining experience. In the revamped upper level, patio-style seating will transform the space to an outdoor-style environment, complete with three fast-casual restaurants, two quick-service restaurants, two food vendors and 12 new retail units.

“Scarborough is a city in growth and in transition and Scarborough Town Centre is investing in the future,” says Robert Horst, GM, Scarborough Town Centre, which is owned by Oxford Properties Group. “We are devoted to providing the ultimate shopping experience with a focus on premium fashion, food, leisure and entertainment options. Once completed, this transformation will offer much more than a food court; it will be a food-and-dining experience and social hub where the community can meet, relax and rejuvenate.”

Redevelopment has begun on the lower level, which will be completed next August. Construction on the upper level will be completed by May 2017. The food court will remain open and will continue to operate as usual during the entire transformation.

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