Snacks and Breakfast Drive Global Foodservice Growth


TORONTO — According to The NPD Group, foodservice spending and visits grew in the summer of 2015 in several countries tracked by the global information company, with CREST results showing snacks and morning meals as the broad foodservice market drivers.

Of the 11 countries CREST tracks, Australia, China, Germany, Great Britain and the U.S. posted traffic and average eater check gains, while foodservice spending and visits were flat to slightly declining in France and Japan. Canada, which weathered the global economic crisis better than any country but China, reported its second quarter of traffic decline. The relatively young Russian foodservice market continues to suffer with high inflation and dropping demand.

Visits to quick-service outlets were up or flat in most countries with the exception of Japan, the only country where QSR traffic does not dominate. Full-service restaurant visits were up in Australia, Canada, China and the U.S.

“Optimism, although cautious, abounds throughout the global foodservice market after a mostly growing or stable summer quarter,” says Bob O’Brien, SVP, Global Foodservice at The NPD Group. “There are still some shaky economies but, overall, consumers around the world appear ready and willing to dine out again.”


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