SGS Canada Inc. and Niagara College Forge New Partnership


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — SGS Canada Inc. and The Canadian Food & Wine Institute at Niagara College have partnered to offer a risk-focused tool kit for food-safety management training. Its ensuing product, The Food Safety Program Optimization (FSPO) aims to reduce risk in all facets of the foodservice industry by providing students with the essential tools for demonstrating true risk-based diligence.

“This new program focuses on delivering hands-on training led by true industry professionals,” says Jeffrey Steen, manager of Corporate Training at Niagara College. “We have a unique proposition to those seeking to take their careers to the next level in the fields of risk management, auditing and supply chains dealing with food, wine and beer.”

Those enrolled in the program will need to complete numerous courses to acquire a set of certificates, each addressing specific sectors of the foodservice industry, such as baking, beer brewing and wine making. The program offers a large selection of courses with flexible hours to accommodate working professionals’ demanding schedules.

“What makes this approach to training so incredibly valuable is that you are taking a leader in academia dealing with food, wine and beer and joining forces with the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company,” says Rob Sinyard, VP of Certification and Business Enhancement at SGS Canada Inc. “We are convinced that we need to prepare students to walk out of the classroom with not just the training to work locally, but provide them with a global perspective to the challenges of feeding a growing world population.”

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