Shorter Apple Picking Season This Year


WINDSOR — Poor growing conditions, including an early frost and hail that crippled many apple crops in the Chatham-Kent area of Ontario, means this year’s apple-picking season may be shorter than usual.

A frost in April killed many apple buds early this year, resulting in low apple production. According to a story in The Windsor Star, the frost has reduced apple stock by about 80 per cent, compared to previous years.

Harold Wagner of Wagner Orchards and Estate Winery — a pick-your-own farm in Lakeshore, Ont. — told CBC News, that due to the shortage of apples he may have to purchase apples for his bakery so there’s enough for his visitors to pick.

Despite the apple losses this year, Leslie Huffman, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, told The Windsor Star she doesn’st think the price of apples will increase much this year.

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