St. Louis Bar & Grill Debuts its Garlic-Dill Sauce at Walmart


TORONTO — St. Louis Bar & Grill is debuting its garlic-dill sauce at Walmart stores across Canada. It will be available for a limited time, from Nov. 4 to Dec. 1, 2021.

“Our guests can’t live without our garlic-dill sauce. We’ve had worldwide requests for it as far as South Korea, and been asked to ship boxes of it south of the border because people just can’t find anything that compares to it,” says Brent Poulton, CEO and founder, St. Louis Bar & Grill. “Once people try it, they’re hooked. It has an inexplicable way of turning on the taste buds when enjoyed as a dip for wings, fries, veggie plates and even as topping for burgers.”

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