Ethey Zero-Waste Food Delivery Launches in Canada


Ethey Zero-Waste Food Delivery Launches in Canada

TORONTO — Ethey, a new zero-waste food-delivery system, is launching across Canada.

Founded by hospitality veteran and entrepreneur, Nick Spina, Ethey is the only company that delivers fresh ready-to-eat meals across Canada, offering more than 100 meal options including vegan, keto and gluten-free.

Ethey prevents one pound of food waste with each ready-to-eat meal, and ensures every ingredient is fully utilized from harvest, to meal preparation, to seed and back to harvest again.

Additionally, Ethey operates out of a zero-waste facility, and all left-over food scraps are delivered to an on-site worm farm which produces natural fertilizer that’s delivered back to local farms. The packaging is also re-usable, compostable and consumable.

Ethey’s ultimate goal is to avoid 1 billion pounds of food waste.

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