Subway Canada Launches Newest Eat Fresh Refresh Offerings


TORONTO — Subway Canada has launched its newest Eat Fresh Refresh Offerings, which include three new sandwiches and two sauces: the Green Goddess Rotisserie-Style Chicken, the Green Goddess Veggie and the Stampede BBQ Grilled Chicken.

The Green Goddess Rotisserie-Style Chicken is made with Canadian farm-raised chicken, topped with veggies, the yogurt-based lemon and herb Green Goddess dressing, and served on Harvest Grain bread. The Green Goddess Veggie is topped with smashed avocado, lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, red onion, house sauce and the Green Goddess dressing, and also served on Harvest Grain bread. Lastly, the Stampede BBQ Grilled Chicken is made with grilled chicken, topped with veggies and the Sweet & Smoky BBQ sauce, and served on Harvest Grain bread.

“Consultation with international culinary teams, research, trend analysis, recipe trial, blind focus group tastings and supplier negotiations are just a few of the steps in the months- (sometimes years) long process of bringing a new Subway menu item to life,” says chef John Botelho, culinary manager at Subway Canada.

“The first phase of our Eat Fresh Refresh truly resonated with Canadians – bringing five signature creations, new toppings and bread, and the momentum doesn’t stop there. The next iteration features two bold sauces – our Green Goddess dressing and Sweet & Smoky BBQ sauce, and three new sandwiches, both integral pieces of our refresh puzzle,” says Doug Fry, Subway Canada country director. “At its core, the refresh is more than simply updates to our menu; it’s about showing Canadians we listen to what they want and pride ourselves on delivering the quality, service and value they deserve.”

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