Sustainable New Zealand Wine to Be Showcased Across Canada


AUCKLAND, NZ — Earth Day may be gone for another year, but more than 40 New Zealand wineries will keep the green theme alive when they showcase 419 wines that are certified sustainable at four upcoming New Zealand Wine Fairs in Canada.

The annual road show will spotlight wines from several regions in New Zealand. The focus is the wines, but the New Zealand vino industry is showing its commitment to sustainable practices by only previewing wine that meets its Sustainability Policy.

In other words, each offering is made in certified sustainable winemaking facilities with certified sustainable grapes that are certified by an independent audit program. “The idea is not to say what winemakers and grape growers are allowed to do or not to do,” says Philip Manson, GM of Sustainability at New Zealand Winegrowers. “It’s about engaging our members, getting them to think about how they’re growing grapes and making wine and how it affects the environment, people and the wider community.”

The New Zealand wine community has adapted sustainable practices with gusto. In fact, participation in the “Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand” initiative rose to nearly 100 per cent between its 2007 launch and its 2012 target date.

The Kiwi wine fair is set to travel across the country from Vancouver (April 29) to Quebec City (May 6), Montreal (May 7) and Toronto (May 9). []

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