Taco Bell Canada Gives Back


TORONTO — Taco Bell Canada has launched Layers for Layers, a charitable initiative that aims to give back to communities across Canada. 

From February 6 to 8, customers can bring clothing into any participating Taco Bell restaurants and receive a voucher for a free Double Layer Taco. The clothing donations will then be distributed to local charities. 

“Taco Bell Canada is known for doing unexpected things when launching a limited-time menu item, and Layers for Layers is exactly that, but with an added layer,” says Veronica Castillo, head of Marketing at Taco Bell Canada. “We’re sharing our love of tacos and love for our local customers by extending the giving season and giving back to local communities and those in need with the help of our customers.”

In addition to accepting donations in-store, Taco Bell Canada will also match the would-be profits from each Double Layer Taco given away between February 6 and 8, in support of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. 

The Double Layer Taco is available now, in-store ($2.99), or as part of a combo including two Double Layer Tacos, regular fries and 20oz. drink ($8.69).

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