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Tim Hortons Improving Breakfast Sandwiches

TORONTO — Tim Hortons is introducing improvements to its breakfast line-up designed to deliver better taste and value. These new quality improvements include crispier, naturally...

McDonald’s Begins Serving Breakfast Bagels

TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada is now serving breakfast bagels in locations across Canada following a successful four-month pilot program in Ontario. McDonald's plans to sell...

Producer Profiles: Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix; Churn84

MELLOW YELLOW Barrel-churned in Stirling, Ont., Churn84 has quickly become the butter of choice for bakers and chefs. The European-style product offers a higher butterfat...

Feasting on Favourites: 50 Favourite Things from Canada’s Top Chefs

It’s all about choices. The list of decisions chefs must make daily is exhaustive to say the least and would intimidate the best of...

Notable Quotes from Top Chefs

FAVOURITE EQUIPMENT One of Connie DeSousa’s favourite pieces of equipment is the old vintage-style slicer she has at CharCut Roast House in...