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Crab Fishermen Reach New Price Deal, End Strike

ST.JOHNS, N.L. — Newfoundland and Labrador fisherman are racing to catch crab following a deal that ended a weekend strike over pricing, reports CBC...

Atlantic Lobster Molting Early

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND — P.E.I. lobster are molting earlier than usual. "This year we saw things happen at different time periods that haven'st historically...

N.S. Lobster Fishermen Divided

METEGHAN, N.S. — Nova Scotia Lobster fishermen are divided as some refuse to join a boycott intended to encourage higher lobster prices. “You’ve got...

P.E.I. Fishermen Demand Higher Halibut Quotas

P.E.I. — Maritime fishermen are asking for larger halibut quotas, arguing fishermen from other provinces have an unfair advantage. Groups are concerned about the...

P.E.I. Fishermen Contemplate Strike

CHARLOTTETOWN — Some P.E.I. fishermen are contemplating a strike to protest low lobster prices, CBC News reports. According to the CBC, lobster fishermen currently...