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Montreal’s Parm Restaurant Closes After Six Months

MONTREAL — Italian restaurant Parm, which Lucille’s Group (Oyster Dive and Brasserie Lucilles) opened just six months ago — closed over the holidays. Despite...

Lesley Chesterman Offers 2014 Trend Wrap-Up

MONTREAL — Lesley Chesterman, The Montreal Gazette’s fine-dining critic, has published a wrap-up of the top restaurant trends of 2014, highlighting menu items, serving...

The Montreal Gazette: The Top 10 Restaurants in Montreal

MONTREAL — Lesley Chesterman, a fine-dining critic and food columnist for the Montreal Gazette, released her list of the best 10 restaurants in Montreal...

Rene Redzepi Opens Up at Toronto’s Terroir Symposium

TORONTO — Foodservice movers and shakers gathered at Arcadian Court in Toronto yesterday for a day-long celebration of food at the seventh-annual Terroir Symposium....