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Starbucks Delivers Expands to Quebec

TORONTO — Starbucks Canada is piloting Starbucks Delivers, powered by Uber Eats, in Quebec, making the service available for the first time...

Starbucks to Close 200 Canadian Locations

SEATTLE — Starbucks plans to close up to 200 locations in Canada over the next two years as part of the company’s...

Starbucks Launches Rewards Promotion and Summer Drinks

TORONTO — Starbucks Canada is on track to resume operations in 85 per cent of its locations by the end of May.

Starbucks Introduces Share-This-Delivery Feature

TORONTO — Starbucks Canada has launched a new ‘Share-This-Delivery’ feature on Starbucks Delivers via the Uber Eats app, which allows customers to...

The 2019 Coffee and Tea Report

Whether it’s an on-the-go latte from a neighbourhood café or a leisurely afternoon cuppa, Canadians love their coffee and tea. While brewed...

Starbucks Delivers Comes to Canada

TORONTO — Starbucks Canada is launching door-to-door delivery service in partnership with Uber Eats. Starbucks Delivers will be available in major...