The Tragically Hip Launches Exclusive Lake Fever Lager in Partnership with Big Rock Brewery


TORONTO — The Tragically Hip teamed up with award-winning independent brewer Big Rock Brewery to launch its first and only beer, Lake Fever Lager. 

“This was a true collaboration in every sense as we worked together through several recipes to ensure the head, the colour and the taste profile were exactly what the band was looking for,” says Wayne Arsenault, CEO of Big Rock Brewery. “We couldn’t be prouder of Lake Fever Lager and the chance to work with a national treasure like The Tragically Hip.”

“We’ve harboured the ambition to release our own beer for a long time but could never find the right partner,” reads a statement from the band. “Until now. We’re proud to announce the arrival of Lake Fever Lager. Big thanks to the great folks at Canadian owned and independent Big Rock Brewery, they’ve been amazing to work with. Over the last six months they have helped us develop a cleansing, thirst quenching lagered ale that is long on taste but still refreshing and crushable; perfect for those occasions when one or two is just not enough. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass of Lake Fever Lager on the dock or patio, or wherever you find yourself this summer, and enjoy the company of friends and family. We all deserve it. Please consume responsibly and stay safe, always.”

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