Tim Hortons Introduces its Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill Beverages


OAKVILLE, Ont. —The team at Tim Hortons has released two new maple-flavoured beverages for a limited time.

“To all Canadians, I want to sincerely apologize. We should have thought of the Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill sooner,” says David Clanachan, president and COO, Tim Hortons Canada. “Even we’re a little surprised it took this long to marry the quintessential Canadian maple flavour with our iconic Iced Capp. However, we are confident the delicious taste of the new Maple Iced Capp and Creamy Maple Chill will make it worth the wait.”

The Creamy Maple Chill is a non-caffeinated beverage with maple flavor, while the new Maple Iced Capp adds an extra touch of Canadiana to the traditional Iced Capp with maple flavouring. Both beverages are finished with a whipped topping and real maple flakes.

Tim Hortons is asking guests to accept its apology for the long-awaited maple-flavour frozen beverages in an open letter published today in newspapers across the country.


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