Toronto City Council Set to Appeal Shark-Fin Ruling


TORONTO — The City of Toronto isn’t giving up the shark-fin fight, serving notice to appeal a court ruling that overturned its shark-fin ban.

It was argued the bylaw unfairly targeted members of the Chinese community, and it was ruled it had “no force and effect” and was outside of the city’s jurisdiction.

Glenn De Baeremaeker, one of the city councillors who spearheaded the ban last fall, told The Globe and Mail the bylaw should be amended to prohibit commercial sales of shark-fin products. “We aren’t going to be invading people’s homes to see if you are having a bowl of shark-fin soup. It is not in the interest of the City of Toronto to have shark-fin police,” he told the newspaper.

The city awaits further instructions from city council before proceeding with the appeal, which is expected to be decided later this month or next month.

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