University of Guelph to Un-Pause Admission for Hospitality and Tourism Management Program


GULEPH, Ont. — Last week, Sara Mann, Dean, Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, University of Guelph, announced that admission for the school’s Hospitality and Tourism Management major is once again open.

“As you may know, a revisioning process is underway to enhance the Hospitality and Tourism Management major within the BComm program and admission had been paused for the F22 and F23 intakes,” said Mann in a statement of the university’s website. “I’m thrilled to share that we’re in a position to un-pause admission for the Hospitality and Tourism Management major, with intake targeted for Fall of 2023. This major and HFTM are critically important to the continued success of Lang as we will look to bolster our recruitment efforts and connections to the hospitality and tourism industry.” As part of this process, former Dean Lysa Porth hired an external consultant (McPhie Consulting) to engage with internal and external stakeholders.

HFTM will be launching a focused re-branding strategy for the revisioned major, aligned with Lang’s strategic plan, and will work with industry and its internal stakeholders as part of this renewal process.  

In the summer term, the university will also be implementing the recommendation from the consultant’s report that the Sport and Event Management major be housed within the Department of Management. 

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