Wacky Culinary Wonderland


TORONTO — Home and professional chefs alike are taking a cue from nature and dying their food with all the colours of the rainbow, reports The Globe and Mail.

Take Amanda Rettke, whose technicolor pancakes — designed as a special treat for her kids — became an internet sensation just days after a photo of the flatjacks where posted online.

“I just think it’s something about the rainbow,” Rettke, the Minnesota mom, told The Globe. “There’s just really usually no negativity associated with that. … Any time people see something like an edible-type rainbow, like a cake or pancakes, it just makes them happy. It’s just joy.”

The trend is also popping up in professional kitchens. The New York-based Bagel Basket, for example, has introduced rainbow bagels and some specialty shops have been seen stocking candy-coloured pasta, too.

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