Waterloo Brewing Brings Back Signature Series Collection

Case of Waterloo Brewing Ltd Signature Collection

TORONTO — The Waterloo Signature Series Collection is back with three new curated small-batch premium brews featuring crisp new flavours.

The first flavour in the series is a bold, smooth Irish Cream Stout, featuring notes of creamy chocolate, vanilla and brown sugar. Next is Roasted Vanilla Espresso Dark Lager, with hints of espresso beans, vanilla and dark chocolate. Finally, dessert fans will love the Apple Crumble Porter, featuring a pinch of cinnamon.

“Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new flavours, and we believe there’s something for everyone in this new installment of our Signature Series Collection,” says Trish Benne, director of Brewing & Blending, Waterloo Brewing.

“As Ontario’s first craft brewer, we’re proud of our heritage and the bold spirit of the Waterloo Signature Series,” says Kim Mannerow, director of Marketing, Waterloo Brewing. “Our brewmaster gets to experiment with fresh flavours, and our fans get the chance to treat their taste buds.”

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