McEwan Fine Food Stores Partners with Cheese Boutique


TORONTO — Chef Mark McEwan’s Fine Food Stores is teaming up with Canada’s premier maître fromager, Afrim Pristine of Cheese Boutique, to curate and run the new cheese-and-deli program at McEwan Don Mills and McEwan TD Centre. The two culinary veterans will unveil new cheese recipes, exclusive local and international products and revamped catering options.
“The way we eat and shop is changing,” says McEwan. “Our guests are always looking to discover and expand their tastes, which is why partnering with Cheese Boutique was a natural progression for McEwan’s cheese-and-deli program. Cheese Boutique’s products are the most diverse in Canada — whether carefully chosen from around the globe or cured, processed or aged right in Afrim’s Cheese Vault.”

The wide array of exclusive Cheese Boutique products offered include: Henry goes to Switzerland (cow’s milk cheese aged in the vault for 2 years); Majestic Henry Returns (Quebec cow’s milk cheese in a beer wash); Madras Madness, (Ontario cow cheese aged in tamarind and coconut); The Dude (Kahlua-washed Camembert); The Senator (Niagara Gold aged in a pumpkin-spiced latte); Baby Julius (youthful Gouda); Henry goes to Boston (smoked cow cheese); Chevalier (young chevre); Grand Chevalier (house-aged chevre); and Sunset Sarsaparilla (aged Beemster cured in root beer). All cheeses and cheese boards available will be personally selected and curated by both McEwan and Pristine.

“For me, this is an expansion of Cheese Boutique that my father started in 1970,” says Pristine. “I’ve known Mark since I was a kid. I remember him delivering fresh bread to our shop and know his dedication to quality and passion for food is unparalleled. Cheese Boutique has never entered into a partnership like this and I’ll personally be working at the McEwan cheese counters biweekly.”