Aroma Espresso Bar Celebrates Team Canada with Free Chocolates

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NATIONAL — To honour Canadian athletes competing in the Rio Summer Olympics, Aroma Espresso Bar is giving out a limited-edition chocolate with every drink order across all of its 37 Canadian locations.

Aroma has rebranded its signature free chocolates with a set of six different Olymic-themed wrappers, each unique design recognizing athletes’ hard work and determination.

“Canadian athletes train their whole lives to compete on the global stage and it’s little things that help them succeed — a healthy diet, a good night’s rest and a supportive crowd,” says Daniel Davidzon, Marketing and Communications manager, Aroma Espresso Bar. “It’s the same way a complimentary chocolate at aroma can brighten a customer’s day, and this temporary rebranding will strengthen their enthusiasm for what, we believe, will be a successful summer in sports for Canada.”

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