Aroma Espresso Bar Unveils New Vegan Burger


TORONTO — Aroma Espresso Bar has launched new items on its summer menu, unveiling a new 100-per-cent vegan burger — the Power Burger — and the Ice Orange Mango Cream drink at its Liberty Village location on July 23.

Neil Creighton, director of Food-and-Beverage at Aroma, says the new burger will be a welcome addition to the brand’s summer menu items, as it looks to rival A&W in the vegan-patty market.

“A&W is using a similar product right now and they do a good job; they’ve done it the A&W way, however they haven’t done all the [burger] ingredients vegan. They’ve taken more of a vegetarian approach to it,” Creighton noted.

The Power Burger and A&W’s Beyond Burger both feature the Beyond Meat vegan patty, however Aroma’s version includes a vegan Brioche-style bun.

With approximately 20 grams of protein in the burger and 35 grams of protein in the entire dish, the patty is also gluten-, soy- and GMO-free, and is grilled fresh to order. The burger also features some of Aroma’s unique toppings including sautéed Portobello mushrooms, baby kale, red onion, mustard, sundried tomato pesto and a house-made avocado spread. Served alongside a salad of house-made roasted carrots, roasted red pepper, arugula and almonds, the combo costs $12.95. Customers also have the option to get the burger by itself for $9.95.

Also new on its summer menu is the Ice Orange Mango Cream — a refreshing throwback to the classic Creamsicle. The drink is a blend of orange juice, mango puree, white chocolate, vanilla and ice, topped with freshly whipped cream, orange crystal sugar and a fresh orange slice ($5.85).

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