Baskin-Robbins Launches Fundraising Campaign

Baskin-Robbins invites Canadians to support Boys and Girls Club of Canada with new fundraiser featuring
(CNW Group/Baskin Robbins)

TORONTO — Baskin-Robbins has launched a two-month campaign to encourage customers to embrace their new school routines with Creature Creations, its newly launched line of ice-cream treats. With the purchase of any Creature Creations item at Baskin-Robbins from September 1 to October 31, $0.31 will go to support the work of Boys and Girls Clubs in communities across Canada.

“Children are going through a lot these days,” says Natalie Joseph, representative for Baskin-Robbins Canada. “We’re truly honoured to be there for them and their families and are ready to cheer them up with something everyone can get behind. Baskin-Robbins Creature Creations are the perfect way for families to enjoy an ice-cream treat that will spark the imagination and provide a sense of wonder. We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Boys and Girls Club of Canada to extend that feeling to kids across the country.”

Creature Creations features a lineup of three creature-themed whimsical characters that elevates the traditional scoop to a new level of imagination. These Instagram-ready creatures can feature either a white chocolate monster’s eyeball, unicorn horn or mermaid fin to adorn the top of any flavour combination, placed inside a distinctive cup featuring the face of a mermaid, unicorn or Halloween monster.

To date, Baskin-Robbins Canada has donated more than $50,000 to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and is hoping to raise the bar on its contribution this year with a goal to raise an additional $15,000.

“For the past three years, we’ve aligned our summer or fall marketing efforts with the work of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, and it’s been truly amazing,” says Joseph. “With the help of our fellow Canadian customers, we’re able to bring a smile to our children, through ice cream, while supporting other children throughout our communities. We’re elated to be able to do this and encourage our customers to continue to be as generous as they can as we strive to increase our funds in this more challenging year.”

Baskin-Robbins will place collection boxes in-store to encourage donations.

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