B.C. Farmer Feeds Cattle Wine


WETASKIWIN, Alta. — A group of B.C. farmers are introducing wine-fed beef to the market to dig themselves out of the hole caused by the lagging aftermath of the mad cow outbreak, according to a recent report from the QMI Agency.

The experiment took shape late last year when, in conjunction with a grain diet, Southern Plus Feedlots owner Bill Freding began feeding cattle the equivalent of about one glass of wine a day in the 90 days leading up to slaughter.

Freding describes the meat as more tender than other varieties. “It’s a brighter red,” he told QMI, of the meat that follows a Japan trend that sees cattle fed beer and massaged with saki. “It’s got a different flavour, but I wouldn’t like to say it was definitely a wine flavour, or anything, but it definitely has a sweeter flavour to it.”

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