Bento Sushi Champion Competition to be Held in Toronto

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TORONTO — Preparations are in full swing for the national finals of Bento Sushi’s annual Sushi Champion Competition, taking place October 22 at The Chefs’ House in Toronto.

The 8th-annual competition invites chefs from Bento locations across the country to compete for the title of Sushi Champion and a $5,000 prize. 

The competition starts with the submission of a custom sushi-roll recipe and culminates with a trip to the national finals. 

First-place regional winners are flown to Toronto where the top-five chefs compete in front of a select panel of judges, Bento’s executive team, sponsors and brand partners. 

“The Sushi Champion event is all about showcasing the great talent we have on the front lines,” says, Erica Gale, vice-president, Marketing and Sustainability at Bento Sushi.

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